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Empowering America's Digital Energy Future

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Our Mission

Digital Energy Council (DEC) is the first member association focused solely on digital energy. DEC works to advance policies that promote responsible and sustainable energy development, grid resilience, maintain United States competitiveness, and protect national security.

Accelerate energy infrastructure opportunities using four key pillars:

Provide Federal policymakers and key stakeholders information and education needed to inform sound policy, rulemaking, and directives.


Be the leading voice to both public and private entities promoting the industry with a data driven strategy.


Align digital energy ecosystems to integrate energy development for everyday life. 


Bring together a diverse set of voices and expertise to create opportunities for the U.S. to lead in responsible mining and energy development.

Key Policy Areas

U.S. Energy Development

Digital energy offers the United States an unprecedented opportunity to achieve climate goals, develop energy infrastructure, advance national security, and provide more economic opportunity in rural areas.

National Security

Energy security is national security. Emerging technology is accelerating the energy transition and enhancing grid security, a top priority for the United States.  All options must be explored, including incorporating digital energy opportunities.

Economic Advancement

Digital energy is creating opportunities for rural and underserved communities, providing high-paying jobs, and enabling greater access to the financial system.

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